...reed player Norman David...one of the most innovative arrangers in the business.” - Victor L. Schermer


David writes beautifully, with a unique...voice in the field of modern jazz composition....[He] plays fierce soprano saxophone, holding up strong next to Dick Oatts, George Garzone and other world-class players.” - David Adler

— Philadelphia Weekly

With a seemingly endless repertoire, the band provides a unique experience...It was obvious that David's musical palette extends far beyond the realm of jazz....His style relied on the versatility of the band and ultimately allowed a more natural sound to emerge....[The] Eleventet is one of the city's best-known jazz groups, featuring some of Philadelphia's best soloists...Each musician was well-versed in the jazz tradition and a conventional smaller group setting where the freedom to explore new musical territory was uninhibited. What made the group unique was that none of this was lost simply because there were eleven players instead of three or four. Few groups have as much fun as The Eleventet appears to, at each and every show.” - RJ Johnson

— www.allaboutjazz.com

...David has honed an admirably flexible little big band with an often remarkably big, expansive sound....There’s a rambunctious spirit to much of the album...that embraces fanfares, martial beats, shifting tempos, rich voicings across sections and open harmonies...Each of the 10 tracks...are distinctive...This CD definitely delivers some sounds of surprise.” - George Kanzler

The New York City Jazz Record

The tunes often scream with swing or work through some gnarly questions as if David is answering his own riddles.” - Karl Stark

— Philadelphia Inquirer

David's writing is brisk, fresh, and, at times, very orchestral in nature. There is occasional dissonance, quick-paced ensemble playing, and often playful, but startling solo work....it's all David's high-flying, challenging and adventurous material...this is...vital, direct, in-your-face music...” - George Fendel

— Jazz Society of Oregon-Jazzscene Magazine

...Norman David gathers a world-class ensemble, here on this winning studio session. [He] also struts his impressive soprano saxophone faculties amid his hearty dialogues with saxophonist George Garzone, trumpeter Tim Hagans and others. Seasoned with memorable hooks and articulate thematic-engineering outbreaks,...an all-telling characteristic of the leader's musicality. The program is not designed with an autocratic, music by numbers approach due to the great sensitivity and emotive aspects sprinkled throughout the program. Hence, it's an album that should stand tall amid the hordes of less spectacular endeavors.” - Glenn Astarita

— jazzreview.com

RECOMMENDED NEW RELEASE [Norman David and The Eleventet: At This Time]” - David Adler

The New York City Jazz Record

They deliver a relentlessly swinging and ear-popping sound while at the same time offering nuances, subtleties, and creative ideas that generate interest for the more serious listener. David...plays a mean soprano saxophone...while contributing superb arrangements of originals and standards that evoke echoes of great predecessors...while maintaining a distinct sound of its own. That sound has the precision, timing, and expression of a small group along with the dynamic energy of a big band....Overall, this was a five-star show by a tight, grooving ensemble...” - Victor L. Schermer