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  1. Tuesday Overture

From the recording At This Time

From the album Norman David and THE ELEVENTET: At This Time
Excerpt from a review by Glenn Astarita at jazzreview.com (see more from the review on this site's "Press/Reviews" link):
"...one of many highpoints is the robust piece, "Tuesday Overture....The ensemble substantiates the composition's moniker in dramatic fashion, where anticipations of an explosive plot flourish from the onset. Following the commanding arrangement and parlaying the emotive aspects, tenor saxophonist George Garzone launches a herculean solo, followed by swerving detours and David's sinewy choruses....Hagans continues the soloing trail via the hornists' sinister undercurrent as a convergence takes place, signifying a pathway towards the finale. David and associates excel at building tension, and restate the overture at the end, beckoning a storyline proposition that asks if it is the end or the beginning? Sure, the cinematic inferences parlay this feisty large ensemble arrangement, but it's an all-telling characteristic of the leader's musicality."